Top 5 Alternative Medicine Apps

Across the world the use of alternative medicine has dramatically risen over the past decade. In America, for example, more than one-third of citizens use some from of this for health purposes. Stemming from dissatisfaction with conventional practices and impersonal doctors these alternative methods and herbal treatments tend to come from medicinal use by previous civilizations.

Along with yoga and other workout programs, these can keep you free from disease and generally feel healthier day to day. It’s time to sell your unwanted DVDs and start a healthy lifestyle with these apps.

Alt treatment

  • iTherapy – For £1.49 you can get all the info on therapies at your fingertips. Everything from acupuncture to Shiatsu is covered as well as precautions and reasons to do these things in the first place. A good starting point for alternative medicine apps.
  • Alternative Medicine – This Android app is ideal for natural nutrition and herbal supplement enthusiasts. It helps you get to top health through these means and helps you find the root of your problems rather than merely suppressing the symptom.
  • Home Remedies – An app that was number one in Google Play, it offers home remedy solutions with fruits, herbs and spices to self cure a number of ailments. Quoting Hippocrates; “let your food be your medicine, and your medicine be your food”, they have a hefty 4.4 rating from 5,699 reviews on an app that literally covers everything from acne to yeast infections. And all for FREE.
  • Alternative Medicine: Heal Yourself Naturally – Seemingly citing a war against prescription drugs doesn’t lend itself to a likeable character but the guide covers things from vitamin therapy and herbal remedies to yoga and colour therapy. Find out the alternatives and all for 69p.
  • Cures A-Z – Another free app, and one that’s had more than one million downloads, Cures A-Z is a comprehensive way to combine prescription and natural therapies for the best results. As the name suggests, it covers more or less everything as well as offering weekly blogs and health news.

There are so many types of alternative medicine that it can be difficult to know which works perfectly for you. Much like this, it’s a case of searching the app stores to find the app you need. But, what is true is that the world is opening its eyes to natural remedies for everything from headaches to depression. As always, it is often a mix that reaps the best rewards and a lot can stem just from a healthy lifestyle.

When it comes to specific medicines then an app might not be the answer for you, and you might be best sticking with your online sources. But, if you are looking for an app that can help you across the board then the five above are well worth your time.