How Can Alternative Therapies Help with Drug Rehab?

As people try and battle all that ails them with therapy that is not reliant on drugs, it is only natural that options for natural therapy for drug rehabilitation are becoming more popular.

After all, using drugs to counter drug addiction does some somewhat counterproductive and more and more rehab centers are looking for more integrative approaches for their programs.

Alternative TherapiesOne of the problems with using prescription or even over the counter medications to cure additions is the fact that the medications could themselves become addictive and habit forming.

So here one would basically have traded in one addiction for another, continuing dependence in another form, but having dependence nevertheless.

While mainstream approaches may work better for some individuals, many people do want to try and detox the natural way.

Some of the alternative treatment that could work to address drug addiction and which some rehab facilities do in fact use are –


Yoga is known to be good for the mind, the body and soul, to say nothing of the spirit which can take a real beating when one makes it into rehab. Basically yoga is a discipline that enhances balance, not just physical but also mental; helping the people re-harmonize with their own self.

This helps with impulse control and for enhancing focus as well. When meditation is interwoven with the practice of yoga this can make a person even tougher mentally, making it more likely that they will stay on the wagon.

Acupuncture for Detox

Acupuncture sessions as part of the rehab program can help the body adjust and regain balance during the withdrawal part of the treatment. The acupuncture, when bolstered by nutritional or herbal therapy can be of great help at this stage.

The anxiety that a person could typically face at this juncture can be greatly eased with acupuncture. A person’s individual symptoms, emotional state and history are taken into account when customizing this treatment.


Massage is not just a relaxation aid but can also help reduce physical aches and pains. Since withdrawal symptoms can produce very real physical symptoms, massage can go a long way to alleviate the problems faced.


Jitteriness, insomnia or disturbed sleep, anxiety and mood swings may all be part for the counsel at this difficult juncture in life and Aromatherapy could help make things a little easier by aiding relaxation.

Many other alternative therapies could work to assist those going through rehab; the program could be customized to fit the requirement of each individual to see what works best for a given person.