Attention Deficit Disorder – What Is It and What You Can Do

The attention deficit disorder is one of the subtypes of ADHD (Attention- deficit hyperactivity disorder) and is identifiable by certain specific characteristics.

Up to 10% of the population could have this disorder to some extent and males are 5 times as likely as females to be diagnosed with it.

What are the symptoms of attention deficit disorder?

The symptoms present during childhood and most typically the child will be unable to concentrate, may make seemingly careless mistakes in schoolwork and other activities. The child may appear forgetful, inattentive, easily distracted and disorganized.

attention deficit disorderThe child may tire easily of any activity, be it school or play related. The child may have trouble paying attention to play related activities as well as other tasks.

They child may not seem to listen when being spoken and may appear not to understand instructions. The child may not follow instructions, may keep work incomplete and may also show defiant or uncomprehending behavior.

Anything that takes a lot of effort may be anathema for the child with an attention deficit disorder and he or she may try their best to avoid it. So it may be common that the child will want to avoid school or homework and may go to considerable lengths to avoid it.

Losing things frequently, whether its toys, books, school assignments, stationery, is another characteristic. The child may also be forgetful of names and may mix up names frequently.

What are the natural ways to manage attention deficit disorder?

Since there is no cure for this disorder and most people would want to avoid pharmaceutical intervention, management strategies and behavioral interventions are the bedrock of ADD treatment.

Parents need to orient their own behavior towards helping their child manage. Creation of routines and limiting choices, improving organization and steering clear of distractions, ignoring certain behaviors and rewarding others are important strategies to put in place.

Another way to manage ADD is to get the child involved in sport. This has a dual benefit – not only does it teach the child about discipline, the physical activity also helps in balancing the hormones that affect mood and behavior.

The Fiengold Diet that eliminates certain foods from a child’s diet is seen to help kids with attention deficit disorder. Certain nutritional supplements such as zinc, fish oil, St John’s Wort etc may also help to control symptoms and help manage this disorder among kids.