Biodanza – Relearning Life’s Functions Through Music, Dance and Group Encounters

Bio stands for life and ‘danza’ is dance in Spanish; and Biodanza is a system of self development that is designed to help us reconnect with ourselves and our feelings as well as with nature and others around us.

Biodanza seeks to develop human capabilities and enhance a person’s ability to experience happiness as well as enjoy more fulfilling relationships. The biodanza system was developed by Chilean psychologist and anthropologist Rolando Toro and is defined as the human integration system of organic renewal, of affective re-education, and of relearning of Life’s original functions. Its application consists in leading vivencias through music, singing, movements and group encounter situations.

The principles of Biodanza are often sought to be imparted through personal development courses that occur in a group setting designed to initiate friendships and strengthen existing relationships. The idea is to try and reflect upon one’s life as it is and to envisage positive changes that can be made therein.

The aims of biodanza:

BiodanzaFollowing are the main aims of biodanze:

1. Organic renewal

This is sought to be achieved by inducing trance like conditions. Here the stress and the disorganization of life is sought to be controlled and the very biological functioning of the body improved.

2. Relearning life’s original functions

Over centuries of ‘civilization’ our primordial instincts have become blunted to the extent of being unrecognizable. Learning to recognize our instincts and the original functions of life are some of the aims of biodanza.

3. Improving relationships

Improving relationships and developing the ability to form new and rewarding relationships are also concerns of biodanza.

Biodanza seeks to improve different facets of life such as vigor and vitality, creativity, sexuality and physical health and increasing each person’s individual potential. It is a method of increasing wellness and life’s happiness quotient.

What to expect at biodanza class?

Since biodanza aims at reclaiming lost aspects of our own humanity and increasing our capacity for happiness and interpersonal connection, Biodanza is in a group setting. It is a dance movement form that doesn’t require any actual dancing or singing skills.

This is not group therapy and there is no talking; rather it is the essential “party atmosphere” where all those present are happy and enjoying themselves that is sought to be recreated. The idea is to increase an individual’s direct social contact so that there is greater excitement about life and higher overall happiness.

Evaluations of the benefits of biodanza have found that there is seen to be a positive impact on a person’s psychological health, personality and behavior.