Buteyko Breathing Therapy for Asthma

Buteyko is basically a series of breathing exercises which are known to be very effective for treating the problem of asthma.  This treatment method will cure the illness by controlling its symptoms.  Buteyko is not just an exercise but is a re-education in breathing.  What makes buteyko very powerful and popular across the world is that it does not include the use of any medicines or drugs.  If you wish to know more about the buteyko breathing therapy for asthma, then you can read the following given part of the article:

Buteyko Breathing Therapy for Asthma

Theory of Buteyko Breathing Therapy

What buteyko bases itself is the fact that hidden or undiagnostic hyperventilation is the underlying cause of many types of medical conditions, one of which is asthma.  Thus the Buteyko method is a way by which breathing method of the body can be corrected and thus asthma and other breathing problems can be cured.

Types of Buteyko Breathing Exercises

There are many types of buteyko breathing exercises, and these exist with variations all across the world. Let’s take a look at the major types of buteyko exercises:

Nasal Breathing

The buteyko method emphasises on the importance of nasal breathing.  This nasal breathing can protect the airway by humidifying, warming and cleaning all the air that enters the lungs.  According to buteyko, most asthmatics have problems in sleeping because of poor posture and unconscious mouth breathing while sleeping. Through nasal breathing, one can keep the nose clean and hence night-time symptoms of asthma can improve.

Reduced Breathing Exercises

The main or core buteyko breathing exercises focus on breathing control or controlled breathing. Controlled breathing is the breathing which is controlled consciously. Buteyko uses a method called Control Pause(CP) which is defined as the amount of time for which a person can hold his breath after a normal exhalation.  With regular controlled breathing, as suggested by buteyko method, one can increase their CP gradually and hence decrease their pulse rate, thereby decreasing one of asthma’s major symptoms.


One of the major factors of buteyko practice is dealing with asthma attacks.  Buteyko helps asthmatics in dealing with the first over-breathing phase and preventing the whole round of over breathing which follows after an attack. Thus buteyko can help one prevent an attack by the technique of relaxation or simple breathing less.

One must always consult a doctor before starting using any of the buteyko breathing techniques.