Chelation Therapy For Removing Heavy metals From Your Body!

Chelation therapyChelation therapy is the therapy which manages the man made amino acids, EDTA (ethylenediamine tetraacetic acid) into veins.

Chelation therapy is a therapy which removes heavy metals by using chelating agents from your body. The heavy metals in your body are lead, mercury or arsenic.

Chelating agents are dimercaptosuccinic acid (DMSA), dimercapto-propane sulfonate (DMPS), alphalipoic acid (ALA), deferoxamine, defarasirox.

Some metals are important to your body. For example, to prevent anemia, iron is used and zinc is used as cofactor for over hundred enzyme reactions. Some metals with high density leads to toxic metals.

Some heavy metals like mercury, nickel, lead, arsenic, cadmium, aluminum, platinum and copper are metals which have no function in your body and these are toxic to your body.

Chelation therapy is used to treat hardening arteries. Chelation therapy is the treatment for heavy metal poisoning and EDTA.

Chelation therapy consists of injections of EDTA (ethylenediamine tetraacetic acid), amino acid, aerobic exercise, special diet and no smoking. EDTA injection is injected into blood. This injection will bind metals and remove them through urine.

The benefits from chelation therapy are as follows:

  • Chelation therapy is used for treating atherosclerosis and other degenerative diseases which involves circulatory system.
  • It will reduce the oxidation of lipids, DNA, enzyme system and lipo proteins
  • Chelation therapy stops bad effects and starts healing of your body.
  • Chelation therapy removes the calcium and copper anions from blood stream.
  • The therapy makes artery walls of plaque lining as spongy and delicate. Even if plaque layer is microscopic, it is removed.
  • If you cannot walk due to muscle pain, after chelation therapy you can walk.
  • Chelation therapy is used to prevent and cure heart diseases, stroke, diabetic gangrene and other vascular diseases.
  • EDTA Chelation therapy is safe for the people who are suffering from coronary heart disease.
  • Chelation therapy will restore the lost bodily function and will reduce pain.

Oral chelation therapy:

Oral chelation therapies will advice that if you want to protect yourself from heavy metal hazards, you have to avoid industrial products and mercury amalgam dental fillings.

Chemicals are also present in the processed foods and personal care products such as cosmetics, shampoo and tooth paste. If you avoid this, you can avoid heavy metals entering into your body.

If you use chelation therapy, the medications and surgical procedures does not work. You have to avoid foods which are high in saturated fats. You have to eat more fruits and vegetables and do regular exercises. Chelation therapy will improve quality of life and sense of well being.