How Chelation Therapy Can Help Humans and Animals

Chelation therapy bases itself on the removal of heavy metals from the body and has recently been used to treat a number of ailments among humans as well as animals. Chelating agents are inserted into the veins, which then bind to heavy metals such as arsenic, mercury and lead. These toxins are then excreted from the body restoring it to health once more.

Over time, chelation therapy has been used to treat a range of health issues, from ailments such as heart disease to autism. It is even used as complementary or alternative therapy for treating kidney dysfunction, certain eye disorders and ovarian cancer.

Chelation TherapyHow chelation therapy could help

Chelation therapist BV Gokhale had opted for this therapy instead of the triple bypass surgery that he had been advised. 20 sessions of chelation therapy later, his heart had recovered.

It is Gokhale’s view that antibiotics may have controlled infectious diseases to a very large extent, but industrialization and pollution have caused other types of health issues due to increasing levels of toxicity in the body.

In another instance of chelation helping a person regaining health, Dr Ronald Hahnbaum who was a severe diabetic, found succor in this alternative therapy. His diabetes was severe enough and long standing enough to have caused gangrene in his feet, and there was the apprehension that he would need amputation.

However after three months of chelation therapy (drips were administered twice a week), his gangrene improved. After 6 months is gangrene was in remission and there was no longer any trace of the wounds on his feet.

How chelation therapy can help animals

Veterinary practitioners at the Washington State University were able to treat a bald eagle with chelation therapy and restore it to good health.

The bird was found to have lead poisoning. It was found in ditch when it was in such bad shape that it could not even stand on its own. However after being administered intravenous fluids as well as chelation therapy the bird recovered.

It was this alternative therapy that introduced chemicals into the bird’s system. The chemicals introduced via a drip bound to the lead present in the eagle’s system helped to excrete it through the urine.

The bird has since been released back into its natural habitat near the steep canyon where he was discovered.