Christopher Method: Using Sound Waves To Reinforce And Release Energy

Christopher method is a type of sound wave energy therapy and is a non touch therapy. Mainly this therapy is based on multiple energy fields of the body to reinforce and release energy so that it contributes to balance and wellbeing on the emotional, physiological and psychological levels.

The therapy slowly realigns all the levels of energy that run through your body. Small vibrations of sound waves are transferred through the practitioner’s aura to your energy field, where they can vibrate through each of the various fields of the body in order to free up the blocked energy, reinforce and restore usual polarity and align correct energy flow.

The basic principle of the Christopher method is based on the sound vibrations and the light frequencies that frequently run through the therapist’s hands and these waves can be stored in you for longer periods than just a moment.

It is believed that the waves are stored along with you for days or even weeks, which means that the sound waves are in your body for total time in order to work with blockages in the energy.

Benefits of Christopher method of sound wave therapy:

Healing: Similar to various other forms of therapies, once after freeing up of the energy within your body with the help of Christopher method, your body can start to heal itself from the illnesses and imbalances.

Prevention: After unblocking your body’s energy by using Christopher method, it not only heals your illnesses, but also prevents the imbalances, which can lead to illnesses.

Relaxation: When you receive Christopher method of sound wave therapy, you will undergo deep relaxation throughout the session.

Sense of well being: Similar to other therapies, this method also allows you to experience oneness with self and you feel generally better.

Other benefits of Christopher sound wave healing:

  • Highly effective in promoting pain relief
  • Offers great muscle relaxation
  • No risk for deep tissue burns
  • Relieves nerve impingement
  • Enhances local circulation
  • Easy to use
  • Improves sleeping habits
  • Offers drug free pain relief
  • Increases your energy levels
  • Reduces swelling
  • Low frequency sound pain management
  • Increases alpha rhythm
  • Ideal for ambulatory use

Whenever you feel any blockages in your energy or you want to prevent any imbalances from occurring, then schedule an appointment with the practitioner of Christopher method for better health and well being.