Cognitive Therapy – Therapy Which Concentrates On Mental Disorders!

Cognitive TherapyCognitive therapy is the type of psychotherapy. Cognitive therapy is the therapy which is based on gaining approaches into the unconscious emotions and drives.

Cognitive therapy and factors of this therapy for treatment:

Many other therapies are also used for treating the depression, but all these therapies uses cognitive therapy as their part of the treatment.

The following are the factors helpful in providing relief for your mental disorders:

The factors of cognitive therapy which helps when you are in depression are:

Self evaluation: This type of factor in Cognitive therapy helps you in evaluating your self (that is, what activities you are performing and for what you are doing those activities).

If you are in depression state then the self evaluation will be in negative and critical states. By losing self evaluation, you have to face low self esteem and sense of failures.

Other factors related to this therapy used in the treatment of mental disorders are evaluation of life experiences, self talk, automatic thoughts, irrational ideas and beliefs, cognitive distortions and pessimistic thinking (thinking positively).

You can take help of Cognitive therapy at the time of depression:

Cognitive therapy helps in three stages. In first stage, the counseling session of this therapy helps you to ease the pain of depression and it helps in the feelings of hopelessness which are responsible for the depression.

Secondly, this therapy helps you in changing pessimistic ideas, unrealistic expectations and critical self evaluations. This therapy will help you to determine which life problems are critical and which are minor problems.

This therapy helps you in developing positive life goals and for providing more self assessment.

Thirdly this therapy changes your areas of life, which contribute to stress and depression. This therapy takes help of the Cognitive behavioral therapy for solving your problems of depression.

Cognitive behavioral therapy for treating mental disorders:

Cognitive behavioral therapy is the therapy modified out of the behavior of the cognitive therapy. Cognitive behavioral therapy is also called psychotherapy. The behavioral modification of cognitive therapy is based on the modification of the cognitions, assumptions, beliefs and behaviors.

These modifications are done by disturbing emotions of your body. This therapy is used for treating mental disorders and anxiety disorders.

The cognitive therapy techniques are tried by introducing new ways according to your changing behavior and reaction. Relaxation and distraction techniques are also included in the cognitive therapy.

Cognitive behavioral therapy is used in conjunction with the mood stabilizing medications. For example, schizophrenia is treated with the Cognitive therapy along with medications.

Cognitive behavioral group therapy is also one of the types of cognitive therapy. This type of therapy also uses same approach as cognitive therapy for treating mental illnesses.

This type of the therapy allows the group of patients for taking treatment in order to avoid the feeling of loneliness of suffering from problems.

You can use this therapy without any fear as it does not involve any side effects.