Ear Candling: Clearing The Ear With The Help Of Candles!

Ear CandlingEar Candling or Ear Coning is an ancient alternative treatment for removing wax in the ear.

For thousands of years, ear candling has been proved it self as the hygiene form of clearing ears and head.

It is a non-intrusive procedure that can help in alleviating chronic headaches, ear infections, and allergies.

How does ear candling help you?

Ear candling procedure: This procedure is done with the help of candles which are specially prepared for ear candling.

These candles are made of cotton or linen, cylindrical in shape and hollow. One end of these hollow candles is inserted into the ear canal.

In ear candling therapy, you lay on your side showing the ear which should be treated on the up side. The candle is set up vertically to your ear and lit up.

The flame is exhausted when it is two inches away from your ear. A paper or aluminum foil is used to cover the ear from ash falling into the ear. The session will last for 45-50 minutes.

Benefits of ear candling: It is said that wax present in the ear creates many problems as the wax is responsible for many dry hacking coughs, sinus head aches, tinnitus (hearing in ears), itchy ears etc. Ear candling not only helps you to get rid of these problems but also

  • Cleans the ear canal
  • Improves hearing
  • Purify the mind
  • Assist lymphatic circulation
  • Strengthen the brain
  • Cure swimmer’s ear and other infections
  • Relief from ear aches
  • Relieves from ruptured pain and fever
  • Cure Meniere’s syndrome
  • Act as an alternative for tubes put in ear to clear wax
  • Sharpen the sense of smell, taste and color perceptions

Is ear candling hazardous and painful?

Danger levels: Many of them say that ear candling is not dangerous as there is no external article used that is inserted into the ear. Ear candle is not inserted completely into the ear- it is inserted until it reaches the ear drum.

If proper care is taken (such as placing a plate in between candle and ear) and practiced under a certified physician, there is no danger. Small damage and burns can be caused if proper care is not taken.

Pain while performing: This is not at all a painful process and often regarded as a relaxing process. When the candle is lit, you may feel that a shell is placed on your ear canal and sometimes even drift to sleep.

This applies if practiced under a skillful therapist as they take proper measures to make your ear candling safe. If practiced alone or under supervision of unskilled therapist, you can feel pain as the wax flows down and hurts the skin and hair.

Limitations for ear candling

This process is not applicable for all people. This process has some restrictions such as: They cannot be performed for persons who have

  • Ear tubes connected to internal ear and back throat
  • Perforated ear drums
  • Artificial ear drum

If performed under an unskilled therapist, you may end up with a perforated ear drum, burns on the skin and hair due to the flow of hot wax from the candle and even a change of wax dripping into the ear canal.