Effectiveness Of Tibetan Medicine In Treating Your Diseases!

Tibetan MedicineTibetan medicine is called as “gSoba Rig-pa” means “science of healing”.

All of the Tibetan medicine system is based on herbal remedies.

Tibetans also make a type of pill from precious metals which give good results in the treatment of ailments such as arthritis, asthma, ulcers, and more.

Tibetan medicine teaches that all suffering is caused by one or a combination of three poisonous ways of thinking, which are wanting, dread, and denial. Cures with Tibetan medicine are based on the elimination of urine, feces, and sweat.

When all the good elements of the body work together in harmony, you begin to feel better. The main cause of sickness is due to one of the three poisons which are believed to be caused by imbalances of time and season, improper behavior, and poor diet.

Tibetan medicine systems consider life force as “rlung” as “qi” to the Chinese.

There are five types of rlung:

The “downward cleansing” rlung ejects everything such as babies, feces, menstrual blood, semen, and urine. This rlung inhibits in the rectum.

Fire accompanying” rlung is responsible for digestion and metabolism, and is in the stomach.

Life grasping”, located in the brain and controls breathing, intellect, sneezing, and swallowing.

All pervading” rlung is located in the heart and controls movement such as walking and opening and closing of the orifices of the body.

Upward moving”, located in the chest and controls diligence, speech, and stamina.

The main causes of sickness include time and season, improper lifestyle, or other imbalances such as spirits can also cause sickness if the time and place is disturbed. Different spirits can be troubled during different times of the day or year.

The angry spirits which are responsible for your ailments can be determined by the consultation with tantric practitioners.

In this case chanting, meditation and prayer can be used to return the spirits and some of the herbs are used to alleviate the pain, to cure the symptoms as well as the diseases.

If the main cause of your sickness is due to the imbalanced diet then Tibetan medicine does not recommend only raw foods or only certain foods.

The treatment with Tibetan medicine is very strict with the balance of all types of foods. Tibetan medicine practitioners will recommend eating a balance of raw and fatty foods.

Diagnosis of Tibetan medicine system:

The diagnosis of Tibetan medicine system is primarily based on urine test and tongue examination. Dark, heavy, thick, or yellow urine with a strong odor indicates a hot sickness, where as clear, thin, or white urine indicates a cold sickness. Tongue examination is for color, hydration and smoothness.

After that your practitioner will check your pulse rate, and like in acupuncture, can tell much about blood flow and blockages by the number of beats and strength.

The treatment with Tibetan medicine will consist of one of four recommendations such as advice on diet and behavior, which is the first step of treatment, and/or prescribing medicine or surgery.

Generally the changes in diet or behaviors help tremendously, to the point that medicine other than symptom relieving medicine or surgery is not recommended.

Most of you use Tibetan medicine regularly as a preventative hence many of the diseases and ailments are caught in the very early stages.