Gestalt Therapy to Explore How You Think and Feel Right Now!

Gestalt therapy is a type of psychotherapy, which mainly focuses on your experience at the present moment, relationship between you and therapist, social and environmental contexts in which things are taking place and the self-determining adjustments that you make as a result of the overall situation. The emphasis of gestalt therapy is on your personal ability.

gestalt therapyThree phenomena must be considered in gestalt therapy: one is the thing, next is its context or environment and the last is the relationship between them. Your whole experience is considered in gestalt, like thoughts, feelings and body sensations.

According to this therapy, you need to stay with your present experience so that you will be aware of who you are and where you are. Most often, gestalt therapist suggests creative experiments as they can enhance your awareness. You may select to draw, to move, to say a phrase with more and more energy, whatever you think appropriate at the moment.

Who can benefit from gestalt therapy?

Particularly, this therapy is beneficial for individuals who are somewhat ‘buttoned up’ when it comes to their emotions. Also, it can be used for various mental health needs.

People from various cultures, religions, races, and sexual orientation can use gestalt therapy successfully.

In the process of gestalt therapy, you are encouraged to reveal your hidden feelings. This therapy can give rise to very emotional scenes, and you need to carefully handle the previously buried emotions. So, if you want to undergo this technique, ensure that you choose someone who has a lot of experience in using it.

Effective focus on the things going on will give proper way to understand the problem. Gestalt therapy allows you to express your experiences and mainly you will feel safe in doing so. This is an exploration instead of an attempt to control your thoughts, behavior and feelings. The only goal of gestalt therapy is autonomy and growth through improved awareness.

You will be tackled with your unconscious feelings and needs. Once you tackle them, they can help to accept and emphasize the reserved parts of yours. The most powerful technique in gestalt therapy is role playing.

The sessions are usually conducted once a week. Frequency of the sessions is mainly based on how long you can go between the sessions without losing momentum from the previous session. You and your therapist need to discuss with each other about the beginning of the sessions, stopping, and kinds of activities to use.

If you are having severe mental illness, then you are not considered as a suitable candidate for gestalt therapy.