Healthy Ways To Keep Your Liver Healthy

silymarinThe liver has over 500 essential functions, but many are not fully understood. Its main role is to detoxify the body.

The liver eliminates toxins and drugs from the bloodstream.

It stores fat-soluble vitamins. It creates cholesterol and bile for digestion and changes intestinal particles into proteins, fats and carbohydrates.

Toxins give much stress to the liver. Too much fat, alcohol and nicotine can also damage the liver.

To maintain a healthy liver:

  • Stick to a stable diet.
  • Low alcohol intake.
  • Avoid other people’s blood and body fluids, stopping hepatitis.
  • Be vaccinated against hepatitis.
  • Stay at a healthy weight and exercise regularly
  • Yellow eyes or skin, stomach pain or swelling, constant skin irritation; mean an immediate visit to a doctor.

Zinc, selenium and vitamins C and E supplements can defend the liver from free radicals. B complex vitamins help cell regeneration. Lecithin encourages healthy livers and can assist tissue regeneration.

Some herbs are good for the liver. Silymarin is derived from milk thistle. Research has demonstrated its antioxidant properties and its success in treating cirrhosis and hepatitis.

Nutrient full dandelion has long been used as a liver stimulant. Research in Germany showed that the leaves and the roots improve the creation of bile.

Turmeric seems to be useful for liver problems, containing curcumin, which also improves bile production.