5 Home Remedies for Sleep Walking

Think of sleep walking and the first thing pops to my mind is Lady Macbeth and her sleep walking as consequence of her disturbingly traumatised, guilt-ridden mind. Sleep walking is a disturbing phenomenon in which a person gets up and out of his bed and starts walking while in a deep sleep and utterly unaware of his actions at night. Superstition has labeled this as a call from the Spirits and that one walks to spirits in a stupor-like state. But this is a myth.

Here are 5 home remedies to cure you of sleep walking or somnambulism

5 Home Remedies for Sleep Walking

1. Meditation and yoga

This helps to soothe and relax your troubled mind. Meditate for ten minutes with full concentration right before going to bed. This will help to calm your nerves and make you feel refreshed and ready for a long and sound sleep. A 30-minute yoga session every morning and evening followed by a jog in the park grounds will give your body the necessary exercise and make you feel tired enough and soothed too, to go to sleep and not do anything unusual.

2. Pinpoint the cause of sleepwalking

Search for the cause that makes you sleep walk at night and try your best to eliminate it or bring it under control. If it is work related stress then have a talk with your HR or manager. If the cause is personal relationship troubles that are stressing you out, then sit down with your partner and family and resolve the issues. Do not go to bed disappointed or angry. If you are in a toxic relationship then walk out immediately. Nothing is worth the discomfort and terror that you feel when you sleep walk at night. Resolve and eliminate those issues.

3. Go on a vacation

Take a break from the constant stress of deadlines at work. Go out on a vacation with your family. Go to the beach and let the colossal blue-grey sea pacify your fatigued brain and soothe all your stress and strain away. Sleep walking can be cured quite effectively if you take a short break from your work and the daily drudgery by going out on a week-long vacation if not for more.

4. Plant obstacles on the route

Sleepwalking almost always has a fixed route. The victim walks to the door and attempts to walk downstairs every night to get out of the house into the open. So an effective way to prevent and cure sleepwalking is to obstruct it. Plant obstacles in your path of sleep walking. Strew a few objects, like toys or plastic bottles along your path, on the floor of your bedroom. This way you will trip and fall and wake up from your sleepwalking state. Repeat this every night and your sleep walking will get effectively cured.

5. Perceive the sleep walking pattern and set up a regular alarm

Record the time when you start to sleep walk and note down the duration of sleep walking along with every detail of how long you walk, in which direction and why. This is important information for the therapist if you consult any. Apart from this, set up a daily alarm that will play out loud enough to jerk and wake you up from your somnambulistic state.

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