Know the benefits of Trephination

Trephination or trepanation is a practice of making a hole in the skull in order to improve the brain pulsation and thus the overall wellbeing.

During this procedure, the therapist uses an instrument called as trepan to make a hole in your skull bone.

TrephinationThe aim behind trephining is to expand the brain’s blood volume and also to increase cerebral metabolism thus allowing your mind to function more sharply. This practice is developed 4000 years back to treat sick and the insane by allowing the devils out.

Usually, this method is used to treat subdural and epidural hematomas i.e. severe brain trauma that involve excess blood buildup. Some use trephination to treat things like fatigue, stress, depression and migraines.

For some people, trephining is believed as a drastic procedure that can only be used in life or death instances.

Usually, the incision is made at the apex of the skull. Once the skin is pushed aside, trepan is used to make a hole by using twisting motion.

Here are some examples where trephining is used:

In treating seizures:

Seizures are mainly due to injury to your brain or arteries in the brain, irregular or blocked blood vessels, imbalances in metabolism and physical or emotional distress.

When you undergo trephining, it increases and balances the blood flow to the brain thus eliminating the blocked blood vessels, high blood pressure and balancing the emotional state.

To cure migraines:

Migraine headaches are mainly due to over-excitation of nerve cells in your brain and other abnormalities of blood vessels that lead to inflammation and dilation.

Undergoing trephination increases blood flow to your brain thus eliminating dilation of the blood vessels and reducing the inflammation that lead to migraine pain.

To cure depression:

Depression can be due to the imbalances of certain brain chemicals called as neurotransmitters. With trepanation, you can observe increased and balanced blood flow to your brain. With this, neurotransmitters in the brain are also balanced out thus relieving depression.

Side effects of trephination:

Trephining by a non-medical or non-trained individual is very dangerous.

Also there are risks associated with this procedure. If it is performed incorrectly, it can lead to severe, permanent brain damage and also infection of the body and sepsis, poisoning of the blood with toxins and pathogens.

It leaves a part of the brain exposed permanently. Skull protects your brain from damage and skin protects against infection. Without these two, your brain is at risk even after the completion of the procedure.

So, before considering the procedure, talk to a licensed therapist about trephination and whether or not it might be the good option for you. Do your work and know the diseases that can be treated with this procedure and what are the possible side effects of it.