Mind-Body Treatments For Cancer

The National Cancer Institute site has put together a list of the alternative treatments for cancer that include mind and body wellness. The treatments outlines include:

alternative treatments for cancerAroma therapy and essential oils – This has been seen to improve the quality of life for cancer patients using essential oils from plants, herbs, trees and flowers. This can positively impact physical, emotional and spiritual wellbeing

Self Hypnosis – A clinical study has shown that women, who were employed self hypnosis during a breast biopsy, experienced lessening of anxiety, and pain.

Also women who underwent hypnosis reported that their hot flashes were seen to reduce in severity as well as frequency.

Improvements were seen in depression and anxiety as well as sleep and daily activities.

Spiritual Approaches – Whether it is organised religion or a spiritual seeking of inner peace of reestablishing an inner connection, these have also proved to be great coping mechanisms for cancer patients.

Yoga – Yoga is seen to promote general health and wellness, but is also very effective in terms of cancer management. It improves body and mind fitness and helps in relaxation, since it is also able to enhance the body’s stress coping mechanisms and mind body awareness.