All you Need to Know about Music Therapy During Pregnancy

It is a fact that music has proven to be an effective remedy for many conditions and diseases in the world. Music therapy can also prove useful during pregnancy, both for the mother and the baby growing inside the womb.  Music can help the expecting mother to relax, control her anxiety and also deal with discomfort better.  From prenatal singing to listening to calm music, music therapy can also be good for the fetus. If you wish to know more about the benefits of music therapy during pregnancy, then you can go through the following given information.

know about music therapy during pregnancy

Music Therapy for the Mother

  • Pregnancy can bring not just physical changes but also psychological changes which can sometimes be overwhelming. Music proves to be a great way for the mother to deal with the physical changes and also her emotional health.
  • Music therapy prepares the mother for the delivery and can provide her with tranquillity which is much needed during the stressful phases during the nine months.
  • Going for special music sessions can allow the mother to go into the state of complete awareness and serenity at the time of childbirth.
  • Due to hormonal changes, a lot of women may experience pre natal depression but listening to happy and calming music can prevent this and may give them more control over their thoughts. Music has the power to make one feel more positive and this can be very useful during pregnancy.

Music Therapy for the Baby

  • Pre natal music therapy can stimulate the baby growing inside the womb and promote good communication between the mother and the baby.
  • Music therapy acts as a communication channel and the various sound activities let the mother prepare for a serene and balance emotional relationship with the baby.
  • Research has shown that listening to certain rhythmic kinds of music can also stimulate the growth of the fetus and also contribute to the overall functional development of the nervous system.
  • The best kind of music or sounds for the baby is the sounds which the mother herself directs towards her baby. It is important that mothers talk to their baby often and also sing calming and soothing songs.
  • Prenatal singing helps not just the baby but can also help improve the breathing of the mother. A mother’s voice can fully engage the fetus and from the waist to the head and can improve the strength of the upper limbs and neck during the time of birth.

Musical Instruments

  • Using some simple musical instruments like drums, bells, symbols, maracas and others can give pregnant women an opportunity to express herself easily and freely and this can help them find their own internal rhythm.
  • There are some musical instruments which can also help promote the relationship between the mother and the child by creating an exchange of the signals of the sound and can help bring them both together.