An Overview of Natural Cancer Treatment

There are so many reasons for seeking natural cancer treatment – firstly people seek natural cures because they are holistic and because they heal the whole rather than the part.

Secondly, people seek to avoid the toxic, stressful, painful and debilitating side effects of cancer therapy, which can at times be worse than the disease itself.

The basis of natural cancer treatment

Conventional treatments for cancer are centered on the three principal treatments of chemotherapy, radiation and surgery. Surgery has obvious problems – the possibility of infection, the risk of complications and the fact that if the cancer has spread, the surgery was in vain.

Natural Cancer TreatmentChemotherapy is basically pumping toxic chemicals into the body, that may shrink the tumor, but which is also toxic to the body as a whole producing a range of terrible side effects: weakness, nausea, compromised immunity and generally ill health.

Then there is radiation which is also toxic to the body and actually known to trigger cancer.

So clearly if people choose natural cancer treatment rather than conventional treatment, this is but natural.

The premise behind natural treatments is to heal the whole body in a way that it is able to fight and defeat its own disease.

The idea behind natural treatments is to try and minimize damage to the body while encouraging it to recover, rather than causing more damage and stress to the body. The aim is to improve quality of life rather than letting it deteriorate.

Natural cancer treatment can complement conventional treatments

There are many practitioners that make less than accurate claims about natural treatments for cancer. Trusting such fraudulent claims can obviously be detrimental to a person’s prognosis. So there is reason to be wary of so-called natural treatments, which may be nothing but eyewash.

If a person advisedly chooses conventional therapy based on chemo, radiation or surgery or a combination of these treatments, they can opt for complementary cancer treatments. Such complementary treatments for cancer will not only help ameliorate the side effects of conventional therapy, they help to improve overall quality of life.

For instance, acupuncture is a natural cancer treatment that helps to reduce stress and nausea and boosts immunity and well-being among chemo patients.

Yoga is gentle exercise that helps strengthen bodies depleted by radiation, surgery and chemo. Similarly meditation and mind body interventions help reduce side effects, enhance physical and mental wellbeing, and improve quality of life.