Natural Healing Treatments Picked Over Chemo For Cancer

It was a heart rending story of a boy diagnosed with cancer who ran away from home in a bid to avoid cancer treatment. He was then required by a court order to undergo chemotherapy and radiation and now his father is diagnosed with leukemia.

chemo treatment refusalIn a case of like son, like dad, the latter also is choosing to go the unconventional therapy route for his cancer.

Anthony Hauser, father of Danny Hauser, from Sleepy Eye, MN who was diagnosed with cancer last year, was feeling ill and tired for the past month or so.

The senior Hauser was then diagnosed with leukemia and now wants to use natural healing treatments instead of chemotherapy to treat leukemia.

Evidently the entire family holds dear, the belief that there are advantages that alternative medicine and natural supplements have over conventional therapy. The family belongs to a farming community in Minnesota and has a healthy lifestyle honed by working the fields and baling hay.

The family belongs to a growing mindset that chooses the less invasive therapies offered by non mainstream or alternative and complementary therapies to heal. Not only are alternative treatments being seen as more effective, they are being seen as less harmful.