Naturopathic Medicine- An Old Art Of Healing Without Adverse Effects!

Naturopathic medicineNaturopathic medicine (naturopathy) is a sector of medical philosophy and practice, which not only to cures the disease, but treat the disease by roots and assist the body to improve self immunity system to stop the reoccurrence of the disease.

Naturopathic practitioners will treat a wide range of disease and different organs- they are not specifically related to treating one organ of the body.

Treating is done on “whole body” combining the spirit and physical body. The practitioner suggests a change in the diet and life style to enhance the health.

The origin of naturopathic medicine is to use the power of nature’s healing capacities to maintain and restore health. They don’t cure the diseases but prevent your body by attacking diseases.

The goal is to minimize the toxic and dreadful effects of drugs on your body while encouraging a self-healing process.

Naturopathic medicine is widely spread and includes a broad array of different modules:

  • Manual therapy: The form of physical treatment refers to hand-on-techniques such as soft tissue mobilization, mobilization of joints, joint manipulations, mobilization of neural tissues and visceral mobilization. The perfect relations to manual therapy are acupuncture and massages.
  • Hydro therapy: Commonly known or recognized as water therapy. Whirlpools, Jacuzzis and hot water therapy’s in bath tubs are used to regain muscle strength, soothe pain and reduce muscle pain. Showers are used to stimulate the blood circulation, cold water to reduce inflammations and reduce pains. Tepid water is to cure fevers, hot or warm water to soothe muscle aches and abscesses. Steam and saunas are used to treat respiratory diseases, open skin pores and cleanses the body from toxins.
  • Colon therapy: Another sector in hydro therapy, water is injected in to the rectum through anus to clean colon. This injection of water into the anus cleans the colon and gets rid of fecal in case of constipation and thus maintains a healthy colon for healthy life.
  • Counseling: The exact phrase to understand this is ‘hypnosis’. It is a state of alertness while resting oneself. Counseling will reduce fear and anxiety, also improves the quality of living adding positive thoughts in your life. Some even believe that people who are under counseling will have reduced bleeding while surgery and enhanced body self immunity system.
  • Herbalism: Drug or lotion or a preparation prepared from plants (natural products). Varieties of plants are used for treating various diseases. The herbal products while treating the person help to regain the physiological balances of the body. It Improves immunity system to fight against diseases.
  • Aroma therapy: This is a therapy connected with oil massages and fragrances- the fragrances when inhaled stimulate the receptor nerves in brain and stimulate blood flow leading to cure many problems. Massage with hot aroma oils will enhance the efficiency of body to increase immunity system.

Naturopathic medicines are not just limited only to the above therapies, it is a vast umbrella of therapies and cannot be shortened.

“Prevention is better than cure” is perfectly justified by naturopathic medicines.