Naturopathic Remedies for Allergies

Most of us have encountered atleast one allergy in our lifetime. Allergies can be of many types, they may come in the form of an infection, an illness or a skin ailment.  Infact many people can have food allergies, flower allergies, dust allergies and many other similar types of allergies as well. To treat each different type of an allergy, there are many different ways and methods.

naturopathic remedies for allergies

For some people, the relief from an allergy may be in the form of an over-the-counter medicine while some may follow the natural way and try to treat the allergy by following a naturopathic remedy. So below given are the details about some of the most effective naturopathic remedies for allergies:

Effective Naturopathic Remedies for Allergies


If the allergy that you are experiences has been caused by a certain food, then it is recommended that you remove that food from your diet immediately. Leave that food for a period of 2 weeks and then bring it back in a slight quantity to notice the reactions.

If the allergy again erupts, then you must avoid that food but if by gradually increasing its quantity, you notice some change, then you be cured from that particular allergy.

The following are some of the recommended dietary changes for those suffering from allergies

  • Having dark green and leafy vegetables and concentrating on the consumption of deep yellow and orange vegetables.
  • Having cabbage, beets, beet tops, onions, garlic, cayenne and horseradish too can prove to be helpful.
  • The foods which must be eliminated from the diet include alcohol, caffeine, dairy products, bananas, red meat, peanuts, food colouring and wheat.
  • Some vitamins and minerals which are recommended are vitamin A, Vitamin C, vitamin B Complex, Vitamin E and magnesium as well.


Acupuncture is one of the oldest naturopathic remedy for allergies and is especially very effective for all those who are suffering from allergic rhinitis.  This therapy provides relief from the symptoms of many kinds of allergies.

Physical Medicine

One of the common ways of treating an allergy is by rinsing your nostrils with brine solution while your head is towards the washbasin. Now hold your head in the sideways direction and allow the water to run down from the upper nostril to the lower one.  This method is very effective for all those who have the sinusitis allergy and helps them to shrink the sinus and increase drainage.