Neuromuscular Therapy To Improve The Soft Tissues Of Your Body System!

Neuromuscular TherapyNeuromuscular therapy is a very specialized type of manual therapy.

In this therapy, static pressure is applied on special myofascial points in order to get relief from the pain. This technique mainly changes the soft tissues of the body system like tendons, connective tissues and muscles.

In a very healthy and normal individual, impulse transmission by the nerves to your body is very slow.

Any postural distortions, trauma, stress or injury can speed up this transmission, slow down the equilibrium and makes your body vulnerable to the pain and dysfunction.

So, it is very necessary to soothe the low levels of neurological activities in order to maintain the normal functioning and overall health. Mainly neuromuscular therapy is used to address the five elements of your body that are the main cause of pain. They include:

Ischemia: Reduction in supply of the blood to the soft tissues of your body which causes allergic reaction to touch.

Trigger points: These are the very irritating points in your muscles, which transfer pain to some other parts of your body.

Nerve entrapment or compression: This produces pressure on the nerves by soft tissues, bone or cartilage.

Postural distortions: This causes imbalances to your muscular system which results from the movement of the body.

Biochemical dysfunction: This dysfunction causes imbalances in your musculoskeletal systems, which results in imperfect movement patterns such as computer keyboarding, poor lifting habits and bad procedures in a golf movement of tennis stroke.

The application of neuromuscular therapy is dependent on various key issues:

  • The places of myofascial trigger points
  • Force needs to be applied perpendicular to your skin’s surface if muscle needs stimulation

Massage technique in neuromuscular therapy:

You will feel very much pain in the spasm muscles when touched. Ischemic muscle tissues are the main cause for this pain. Muscle spasm results in lack of blood flow to your muscles, which in turn leads to the following adverse processes:

  • Lack of blood supply to the muscles causes reduced supply of oxygen.
  • Lactic acid will be produced due to the reduction in oxygen supply to your muscles.
  • The production of lactic acid makes muscles sore when you perform a physical activity.

After muscle relaxation with the use of massage therapy, lactic acid will be released from your muscles and immediately muscles begin to get enough blood and oxygen.

You will feel pain when you first take neuromuscular therapy. Pressure from the massage technique helps to lessen the muscle spasm. When you undergo neuromuscular therapy massage for 2-3 days, you will definitely get relief from the soreness in the muscles.

Various benefits of neuromuscular therapy include:

You can also get relief from the physical and sexual abuse related traumas. This therapy effectively helps to locate and release the spasms and also hyper contractions in your tissues. It also helps in healing the injured tissues and helps in lymphatic and venous flow, conveys flexibility to the tissues and refurbishes your postural alignment.