Polarity Therapy To Balance And Heal The Life Force!

Polarity therapyIt is one of the latest alternative therapies that can be used by various people.

Polarity therapy includes energy bodywork with gentle or firm touch and rocking.

This therapy deals with the whole person, mentally, emotionally and physically by assisting the body to heal itself naturally. It removes blockages for health and well-being.

Polarity therapy works on many different levels such as it improves the digestive system, nervous system, cardiovascular system, musculoskeletal system, respiratory system, gynecological system and also emotional and mental health.

Benefits with polarity therapy:

Polarity therapy is beneficial for treating:

Working of polarity therapy:

The practitioners of polarity therapy believe that the body is a single magnetic energy field. This is completely a complementary science. It identifies that energy need to move from a positive pole to a negative one along a natural field.

The head and right side of your body signifies the positive pole and the feet and left side of the body as negative pole. Your body center along the spinal cord is neutral and it has 5 energy fields that are considered as chakras in ayurvedic medicine.

The most important aspect of this theory is the maintenance of an energy balance within your body. All the physical, emotional and mental health and well-being is dependent on this balance of energies. Particularly, this is essential while dealing with the blockages of energy field and flow. Sometimes these blockages can seriously damage your health system.

Body work in polarity therapy:

In this therapy, the therapist utilizes a series of delicate and deep quality touches. This allows your energy system to ask for balance by assisting tissue memory to surface. This includes the touch in three levels: one is very light, next is stimulating and the last is deep touching. This entire procedure can be very relaxing and restorative. This also allows clearing emotional and personal issues.

Processing skills through polarity therapy:

The therapist allows your own intrinsic knowing to emerge in its own time by creating a secure therapeutic relationship. This enhanced awareness along with the release of unconscious tissue memory allows you to realize your own strength.

Health building and cleansing diets in polarity therapy:

This helps to detoxify your system and releases the life giving energy. Each individual is charged separately, because no individual procedure is right for everyone.

Yoga in polarity therapy:

These type of exercises help to release stagnation and also allow you to continue and maintain your own healing process.

These four aspects take responsibility for your wellbeing.