Soy Based Fertility Treatment Holds out Hope for Women

Women who have trouble conceiving or carrying a pregnancy to term, can hope to get help from a new soy-based experimental fertility treatment, according to a new study.

soy based fertility treatmentThe study found that women who were given soy based supplements, greatly improved their chances of getting pregnant through IVF.

Not only did their chances of a successful IVF attempt improve, their chances of suffering a miscarriage also went down. The soy based treatment is seen to inhibit chemicals responsible for causing miscarriages.

Researchers found that Intralipid liquid, a fat and calorie-rich potion that is usually used to feed sick people or hospital patients intravenously could be of help to women wanting to get pregnant.

This study is important since it will boost chances of women having successful pregnancies as a consequence of IVF treatments. It can be terribly disheartening for women to undergo the cost and effort of an IVF treatment only to meet with disheartenment later when it is found that the treatment was unsuccessful.

So hopefully this study will help women improve their odds since an IVF treatment is far from a sure shot when it comes to helping women conceive. Unsuccessful IVF treatments can result in not just economic but also very significant emotional consequences.