The Alexander Technique Calms Back Pain

Alexander TechniqueThe position of the back is not important only from the esthetic point of view.

If we don’t sit or walk correctly we unbalance the natural system of the body. From here come as a result the pain and the fatigue.

The Alexander technique helps the posture improvement and calms back pain. It is a simple practice that uses the capacity to focus to control certain activities.

The principles of Alexander technique help obtaining the correct posture and self conscience about our own body. The exercises are relaxant, stress reducing, straightening the spine and helping the muscles and articulations. This is the right set of exercises to obtain body balance.

This technique introduced from the early childhood will help a person obtain the art of balance and movement coordination. As people grow up they fall into the bad habit of slouching or carrying too much weight on one side and as a result unbalance their body.

The Alexander technique is the perfect solution for getting rid of the pain caused by the hours spent in front of the computer and the discomfort that comes with them.

The Alexander technique shows us how to balance our body. We all know that habits are very hard to change. If we are accustomed long enough with a bad position, at a certain point it will turn out to be normal.