The Dead Sea Salt Baths Are The Best Treatment For Rheumatism

Dead Sea Salt BathsRheumatism covers a range of agonizing conditions, which most people consider as illness and which tend to affect joints, tendons, bones and even muscles. People have tried ointments, lotions and numerous other remedies to relieve themselves of the pain.

Research has been done for numerous years, but no one has found a proper cure for arthritis. People blindly use medications without knowing about the possible harmful side effects of such drugs.

If the rheumatism is unbearable, doctors even prescribe steroids, which as you may well know, have the worst possible side effects.

Even though for thousands of years there is a 100% natural cure, people find it very hard to believe that it is actually working.

Regular sessions of baths in warm seawater make the pain disappear and help bringing down the rheumatic swelling.

However, the best natural treatment for severe rheumatism is spending some days in and near the Dead Sea. This means taking a few days off and traveling there but it can help reduce rheumatism by more than 90% all over the body.

The minerals which are present in the mud and in the salt as well as the sun’s rays, actually help ease pain, and it is said that the salt from the sea water is the best treatment for rheumatism.

A recent study done by the Ben Gurion University, shows that people who took treatment baths while spending a vacation at the Dead Sea treatment facilities have a 95% improvement in their pain within a week of treatment.

Most patients, who completed the entire course of treatment, have completely recovered from the swelling, the pain as well as the discomfort in less than a year.

One can get this treatment – which is medically supervised and inspected while staying at a luxury hotel – hence it’s more like a holiday with a lot of spa than an annoying treatment for your rheumatism.

It’s rather amusing how the medical fraternity say that consuming salt is harmful for rheumatism as it only increases the swelling and the pain, and yet external application of salt from sea water is one of the best cures for rheumatism.

Even if you regularly take a warm bath in your home bath tub after dissolving see salt available to be bought in any drug store, or just spend twenty minutes every day in warm salt water your rheumatoid swellings, as well as the pain will really reduce considerably.

This is one of the best alternative therapies there is for people who suffer from this painful problem. If you are not too keen on taking medication you can definitely try this out for two weeks, and rest assure you will see results.