Top 5 Alternative Therapy Products for Use at Home

Owing to the extreme side effects of regular western medicine, alternative therapies are getting popular among chronic ailment sufferers. There are many alternative therapies in vogue and many of them even use elaborate equipments in their treatments.

Here are 5 alternate therapy products that one can buy and use at home under the guidance of a registered practitioner.

1. Banner Therapy 15pc Cupping Set

Banner Therapy 15pc Cupping Set

Available on its website, the Banner Therapy 15pc Cupping Set is a high quality cupping set that consists of 15 fiber glass cups complete with a hand vacuum pump and gel loops. The set consists of 7 different sized cups which are useful in treating chronic and acute pains – both muscular and joint pains. The unique vacuum pump helps place the cup in place by application of the right pressure and technique each and every time.

2. Heavenly Scent Diffuser

Heavenly Scent Diffuser

The ultrasonic scent diffuser is a great away to diffuse aromatic scents used for therapy. The Heavenly Scent Diffuser is a heat-free diffuser that releases the aromatic oils in their ionic form and thus renders it effective for a sterile aroma therapy.

It can be used to relieve chronic respiratory illnesses, migraines, sleep disorders and fatigue.

3. Hot Stone Massage Package

Hot Stone Massage Package

Hot stone massages are the latest in alternative therapies. They use pre-heated basalt stones to relieve pains and aches. The Deluxe II Stone Package is a great product that comes with its own electrical heating unit, a thermometer, net, spoon and of course the complete range of stones. It comes with its own instruction manual that guides you to the many settings used for providing relief to your ailments.

4. Bioflex Magnetic Knee Support

Bioflex Magnetic Knee Support

Magnetic therapy is another alternative therapy useful for painful conditions such as arthritic knee. Bioflex Magnetic Knee Support is one such aid which can be strapped on the affected knee and used for any length of time as suggested by the practitioner. The concentric rings of magnets in this brace work by retaining the natural heat of the body and using it to relieve the pain.

5. TheraCane Massager

TheraCane Massager

TheraCane Massager is a simple yet powerful innovation in the field of massage therapy. It uses pressure to relieve muscle dysfunction. The cane has an ergonomic design with 6 strategically positioned balls to massage the precise points on the affected muscle. The cane can be used in various positions to give a full body massage therapy.