Urine Therapy and Chronic Pain

In our earlier post about Urine therapy the question about urine therapy being a possible cure for chronic pain was raised.

urine therapyWhen such a question is raised there is perhaps irresistibly recalled to mind a hilarious sequence from the popular sitcom Friends, when Chandler was required to pee on Monica’s foot to give her ‘urine therapy’ because of a jelly fish sting which caused her to be in great pain.

The explanation offered in the sitcom was that the ammonia in the urine is supposed to take away the pain of the sting.

There is some anecdotal evidence to suggest that some people with pain have benefited from urine therapy, however there is little consistent evidence to support a claim that chronic pain could benefit from urine therapy.

Urine therapy or Uropathy as it is also known can cure a range of problems, even supposedly incurable ones, ranging from allergies, colitis, gangrene, fungus, dermatitis to constipation, fatigue, infection etc.

Rather in the way that the characters in Friends used urine as a disinfectant and as pain medication, it has been seen that applying one’s urine to minor skin problems and wounds can speed up healing and reduce chances of infection by acting as a disinfectant.