Zinc – Much More Than Acne Treatment

soy beanAcne is an annoying issue of the hormonal imbalance of the body. Not only young teenagers, but also people who live under stress suffer from this skin disease.

There are important things to take note for acne treatment. First, it is important to know what cause this skin abnormality.

Researchers found that the hormonal imbalance triggers excess body oil outbreak. This oil comes from the sebaceous glands inside hair follicles underneath epidermal surface.

When this excess oil mixes up with dead skin cells and blood toxins, it plugs the cores and starts an ugly formation. Then the process is being completed by a scream in front of the mirror by a young girl or a stressful businessman.

To cure this skin disease, Zinc is an essential mineral which has multiple benefits to human body.

It supports the immune system to maintain as healthy, helps wounded areas to heal more quickly, plays a vital role for fertility and healthy hair.

Zinc is also known as an antibacterial, thus helps to get rid of ugly spots called acne. Zinc can also be found in some food such as oysters, beef, beans, mushrooms, soybeans, nuts, fish, dairy products, etc.

Some researchers believe that although Zinc has lots of pluses for a proper acne treatment, it is not an efficient way for healing the skin completely.

That conclusion comes from the fact that acne is caused by primary and secondary causes, thus Zinc cannot heal all these causes only by itself. But, most of the symptoms of acne and hormonal imbalance can be reduced by zinc treatment.

However, as all the treatment kinds, zinc has to be taken with the right quantity and quality.  Zinc can regulate the excess oil production which causes skin to take a deep breath and fight with acne. But zinc’s impact may be lost in relation with some foods, supplements and chemical substances.

It is because these supplements do not let the body absorb zinc completely and the results may be inefficient.

Phytic acid is one of the supplements that reduce the absorption of zinc by 15%. This acid type can be found in whole grains.

Also copper and iron interfere with zinc. If these items are not taken of limited to 2-3 mg a day, the problem can be solved.

Also, for the best solutions, zinc can be limited to 100mg a day to avoid excess amount that may cause toxicity. The best natural treatment can be taking zinc from food; however tons of food is necessary for enough amount of zinc for acne treatment.

The best acne cure that gives a successful result is holistic remedy because it affects the roots of acne and treats the imbalance of hormones permanently.

Best results can be reached by using both holistic treatment approach and zinc treatment together.