Aromatherapy Treatment for Depression – How Does It Work?

There are many natural and non-pharmaceutical approaches to tacking depression (Signs Of Depression). Aromatherapy treatment for depression is one of them – a natural way to reduce stress, improve relaxation and improve mental health. Aromatherapy, with its use of aromatic and essential oils has long been valued for its many curative and antiseptic properties to prevent disease and promote wellbeing.

How aromatherapy treatment for depression works

It works for depression by helping the body cure itself by helping to strengthen the immune response, helping control anxiety and improving energy levels. It can work in a holistic manner helping a person heal from within without the unwanted side effects that can come from pharmaceutical interventions.

Mild depression is seen to benefit when aromatherapy is used. The concentrated essential oils extracted from plants are seen to help elevate the mood. They can help a person relax and combat stress better. Because of this, a person may sleep better so that fatigue is reduced and energy levels are improved.

The symptoms of depression such as fatigue and even physical pain may be relieved with the help of aromatherapy. It can be effectively used as a complementary therapy in addition to mainstream or conventional therapies or as a standalone alternative treatment.

Aromatherapy treatment for depression also works by helping a person cope with the causes of the depression. It could have been grief, bereavement, anxiety, or significant life changes that lead to depression and aromatherapy can help a person cope with these.

For instance studies have shown how certain parts of the brain associated with relaxation are activated by sniffing lavender. Similarly jasmine is thought to help activate some parts of the brain related to alertness. It is also thought that aromatherapy could work by triggering the secretion of certain feel good hormones.

How to use aromatherapy treatment for depression

Aromatherapy oils can be used in many different ways to combat depression. You can add lavender to your bath water to help soothe your senses, relax your body and to help you sleep better.

The essential oils can also be used for massage (by diluting with suitable carrier oils) to get an antidepressant effect. Massage used in conjunction with aromatherapy can help combat physical as well as mental tension.

You can also use aromatherapy treatment for depression by using a vaporizer or diffuser. This can be particularly effective when used in conjunction with other natural therapies such as yoga, meditation and so on.