Can Aroma Therapy Help in your Digestion?

Many of you might suffer from indigestion and have tried a number of remedies, suggested by doctors or passed on to generations by the elders of the family. But even then the problem persists and this further leads to other problems in your body such as acidity, lack of hunger etc. Did you know that the problem of indigestion can be solved by using aromatherapy? If that sounds incredulous to you then check out the tips below and see how aromatherapy can work for your digestive system.

can aroma therapy help in your digestion

How to use Aromatherapy to get rid of Indigestion

In order to cure indigestion you can turn to natural elements. Here is how you can use aromatherapy to improve your digestive system

  • Chamomile is also good for digestion. You can drink chamomile tea or you can add a few drops of chamomile with your body oil and massage it on your stomach. This helps you to get rid of stomach ache caused by indigestion. The ratio of mixing chamomile oil with the basic carrier oil should be ten drops to one teaspoon of the latter.
  • Lemongrass is very good for this purpose. Not only it helps to cure indigestion, it is also very good for stomach pains. Therefore, start your day with this herb, soak it in water along with tea and remove before drinking. You can also put some honey in this tea. Alternatively you can add some lemongrass in your soup too. It will add up on taste and at the same time will be good for your digestive system. However, keep it in mind that lemon grass should not be added in soups that have acidic qualities, like tomato soup.
  • If you are suffering from indigestion, cinnamon can be your good friend. Add it to your food, not only it enhances the taste and the flavor of the dish but also helps your digestive system. Other than using it in your food, you can use the essential oil cinnamon in the diffuser, or in your bath water. You can also take vapor by adding it to steaming water. It can also be massaged to get rid of other problems like heartburn, nausea etc.
  • Another herb which can cure your indigestion is rosemary. Use rosemary oil in your diffuser or add up to 20 drops of rosemary oil in your bath water and then keep it for 10-15 minutes. Thereafter take a bath. This can be a good cure for indigestion induced stomach pain.
  • Use of peppermint oil can also be beneficial. Before sleeping, pour a few drops on your pillow. The aroma will help you sleep as well as improve your digestive system. This can be used for babies too, but apply caution if you are scent sensitive.
  • Orange bergamot and lavender oils can be mixed and dabbed on the temples and wrists to get rid of cramps in stomach.

Thus aromatherapy can ensure that your digestive system is healthy and you do not suffer from indigestion any more.