All you Need to Know about Combining Aromatherapy with Yoga

Aromatherapy and yoga both are two separate methods or practices that have tremendous health and other benefits on humans. But combining of both of these practices can also yield some wonderful advantages and results.

Yoga on one hand works by using our mind force with our physical strength to balance the life flow whereas aromatherapy’s aromatic oils can have a relaxing and calming effect on us and can lead to curing of many ailments.  The following is a list of the essential oils of aromatherapy that can be used with yoga.

combining aromatherapy with yoga

Lavender Oil

This oil has many soothing properties and when used with yoga, it produces a relaxing effect on the mind.


When this oil is diffused in the meditation or yoga room, it can help to connect our mind to the divine power since it has a connection with spirituality. It soothes and also calms the central nervous system.


Lemon grass too works by relaxing the mind and is considered ideal to be used with yoga. If you use this oil while doing yoga, then you will feel a certain upliftment in your mood and your worries will seem to evaporate. Not only do you feel happier but also a lot more positive in general.

Sweet Orange

Sweet orange is one essential oil which helps you fight all kinds of irrational and rational fear that you may have. It lifts your mood and creates an atmosphere of positivity.  It can help to make one feel refreshed and removes all types of self doubts.

Ylang Ylang

Another essential oil from aromatherapy that can be used while doing yoga is ylang ylang. Its subtle fragrance helps to rejuvenate and makes you feel happier. It has the power to cure insomnia and relieves depressed moods. It also provides relief from many medical conditions including high blood pressure. This oil has also shown to improve self confidence.

Frankincense Oil

This oil has an earthy smell which helps to calm the mind and is useful while doing meditation. It brings inner strength in people and connects you with your spiritual side. It relieves you of fatigue, stress and depression and expands the upper chakras.

In order to avail the various benefits of combining yoga and aromatherapy, you must use them both together for a long period of time. The benefits are not short-lived and are long term but one must do yoga with aromatherapy regularly to reap them.

One must practice both for atleast a month and then take on from there.  While it is true that both yoga and aromatherapy individually can also prove beneficial and provide many benefits but by combining them, the magnitude and extent of benefits received can be multiplied. In order to make the most of the combination, choose a certain time of the day for the practice and also give each of the above mentioned oils a try. Figure out which oil works the best for you and continue using that.