Tips for Buying Aromatherapy Oils

Aromatherapy refers to the practice under which natural extracts from most natural elements like plants, flowers, tree barks, plant leaves, stems etc. are used to improve the overall well being of an individual. The application of aromatherapy is very diverse since there are numerous natural oils that have diverse uses and benefits.

Whatever the problem you are facing, there is a strong possibility that there is suitable aroma oil for it. But choosing the right oil is very important. Here is a list of tips for buying aromatherapy oils, which has been complied to help you:

tips for buying aromatherapy oils

  • The first thing that you must consider when looking for good aromatherapy oils is the concentration or alternatively the dilution of the oil. The point is that oils that have been diluted a lot with water or some other medium; do not prove to be good for therapeutic purposes. So make sure that the oil has high concentration of the extract.
  • The next tip is to look out for quality oils i.e. the oils which are distilled from poor grown/ manhandled crops are not good in quality. They are hence not beneficial when used in aromatherapy or any other therapy for that matter.
  • Any pure extract oil is supposed to be kept in dark bottle and must also be stored in dark areas i.e. away from light/ sunlight. It is quite possible that the vendors, who are selling these oils in plastic bottle or in clear jars, do not really know much about extract oils and are hence not selling a genuine product. So the tip is to stay away from such bottle and the vendors of such bottles.
  • The labeling on pure extract aromatherapy oils can also be quite misleading. And the unfortunate thing is that there is no governmental grade which assures you of the quality of the oil by the label.

But you can lookout for certain minute things on the label. For example, if the label mentions terms like- nature identical/ fragrance/ perfume oils; then you have to think twice about the quality of these oils because these terms do not necessarily imply pure extract oils. Warning: Do not rely too much on labels for disregarding or regarding the respective product. The brand/ vendor reviews must also play a role in the decision.

  • It is observed that vendors who mention info such as the botanical name of the oil, the method of oil extraction and a note of the origin country turn out to be more trustworthy. And since they have full knowledge of the oil extract the probability of the oil being bad is very low.
  • While there are no fixed governmental grades indicating the quality of oil, there are certain FDA regulations which might help you out. If you are big on buying aromatherapy oils and also want to be informed, it is probably a good idea for you to go through the FDA regulation list. The more informed you are the better purchase you’ll end up making.
  • There is another tip which is a pretty smart move when it comes to buying these oils. The trick is to first place a small order to test the quality and then buy more if you are satisfied.