Which Oils Are Best For Aromatherapy Skin Care?

essential oilsIncluding the essential oil products in your everyday routine and achieving the successful aromatherapy skin care is very easy.

A good aromatherapy skin care routine along with a well balanced and varied diet is most important if you want to achieve and maintain a healthy looking skin.

The exact beauty routine will mainly depend on the type of skin that you have. The routine generally includes cleansing, toning and moisturizing the skin every morning and every night before you go to bed.

Essential oils that help in refreshing and healing your skin:

Essential oils:

Some of the essential oils can be used to soothe your chapped skin on your lips and elbows. Some other oils work as antibacterial agents and astringents. So, better think before considering what kind of aromatherapy skin care works for you, and then only choose the essential oils.

If your skin is dry, then use chamomile and rose essential oils to soften your dry skin.

For oily skin, use diluted tea tree oil. This oil has wonderful drying properties, so most often you can use it to clear your blemishes. Other oil called lavender oil also works best as drying agent.

In order to heal a small scrape or cut, use eucalyptus or diluted clove oil. Both of these oils have good antiseptic properties.

Never try to apply diluted essential oils on your skin. This can lead to severe skin irritation.

Carrier oils:

Selecting the best carrier oil is very important to achieve the maximum benefits from aromatherapy skin care. Carrier oils are the major part of any aromatherapy products that you can apply directly to your skin.

Apricot kernel and jojoba oils work best as carrier oils. These are good for massaging and also act as good moisturizers. Cocoa butter has also same properties.


For good aromatherapy skin care, flower water or hydrosols works best as moisturizing lotions and toners.

Basically hydrosols contain water that is extracted from the distillation of essential oils from the plant and you can also mix it with a carrier like glycerin to make it as rich moisturizer.

For instance, glycerin mixed with rose water is the best option for facial aromatherapy skin care.

One thing you need to keep in mind is the products for aromatherapy skin care can cause allergic reaction similar to any other kind of lotion. So, apply a small drop of a new product and observe it for 1-2 days before going to use more.

Precautions you need to consider before using oils for aromatherapy skin care:

  • Pregnant women should not use oils like: fennel, basil, myrrh, sage, clove, juniper, cinnamon, rosemary, white thyme, peppermint, and marjoram.
  • Don’t use oils like: sage, clove, hyssop and cinnamon for home purpose.
  • Some oils should not be used as steam facials like: juniper, bay, clary sage, tea tree, and ginger.
  • Don’t go outdoors once after applying any of these oils on your skin for at least 2 hours.