Ayurvedic Treatments for Epilepsy – An Overview

There are various references to Ayurvedic treatments for epilepsy in the ancient Indian texts such as the Vedas. The tenets of Ayurveda are revealed to later generations by way of the Samhitas (the encyclopedic works) of Caraka and Sushruta which date back to 1000 BC or thereabouts.

Epilepsy in ayurveda

The Ayurvedic treatments for epilepsy refer to the clinical manifestations of the condition, which is divided into four types according to each person’s dominant ‘dosha’ or humor. According to the Ayurvedic texts there could be three reasons for epilepsy – there could be internal factors such as genetic or idiopathic or because of constitutional and enzyme disturbances. External factors could be trauma, unhealthy food, worms and environmental factors. There could also be psychological factors responsible.

The diagnosis of epilepsy is made after a comprehensive evaluation of the patient as well as their detailed medical history.

Ayurvedic treatments for epilepsy

The treatments used could depend upon the type of epilepsy that is detected as well as the underlying cause. When external factors are found to be the cause, certain mantras or hymns can be used in a curative manner. The heart channels and mind channels are sought to be unblocked by this means.

Enemas or purgatives also form a part of the treatment protocol. In addition certain purified butters and other Ayurvedic compounds may also be given to the person as per their circumstances. Certain unctions prepared by mixing herbs and animal ingredients in an oil base may also be used for topical applications.

Ayurvedic treatments for epilepsy could include silver or gold, various different oils and herbs such as Brahmi, Asvagandhadyarisht, sarpagandha vati, Svarna bhasma, Svarnamakshika bhasma, Vaatakulantaka rasa and Yogendra rasa and many others. These can be taken internally or as topical application.

Many experts of Ayurveda believe that these treatments for epilepsy should be tested for efficacy and then used in conjunction with mainstream therapies as a complementary or holistic approach.

Yoga as a treatment for epilepsy

There is some evidence to show that yoga can help people who have epilepsy. The aim of yoga as a treatment for epilepsy is to train the body to improve internal balance. There is the attempt to achieve inner calm and the slowing down of the internal activities.

When yoga is used in addition to other or Ayurvedic treatments for epilepsy it can improve a person’s health in several different ways. This can help to reduce the severity or the frequency of the epileptic seizures that a person may experience.