Diet According to Ayurvedic Body Types

The whole principle behind diet for ayurvedic body types is the fact that every individual’s body or dosha falls in a certain category which is predetermined, and food that is naturally suitable to that dosha or body type, on being ingested, will not only lead to physical well being but emotional stability and mental peace as well. Based on this assumption, the three major kinds of body types or doshas are explained below:

Diet According to Ayurvedic Body Types

Diet for the Kapha Dosha

The kapha body types have the largest built. Their musculature and large skeletal structures demand a diet that is tailor made for such people. Thus such a diet will include forced liquid fast for one day where the individual will only be allowed to consume vegetable and fruit juices and water.

The intake of carbohydrates especially in the form of dairy products must be decreased. Honey is considered to be the best sweetener for people with kapha dosha or body type, since other sweeteners are believed to increase their tendency to suffer from colds, blocked sinuses, lethargy and sluggishness.

Diet for the Vata Dosha

The people with this kind of body type are typically small and petite. They are also cold and dry and hence the diet they follow will have to take into account these aspects and try to balance them out properly. As a result, all sweeteners can be taken by such a person and comparatively larger quantities may be consumed by him or her.

Ghee or extra virgin olive oil is a good cooking medium for such individuals and fats and oils help decrease the vata dosha in the body. Sweet and heavy fruits like avocadoes, mangoes and bananas are a must for the individual with the vata body type.

Diet for the Pitta Dosha

Unlike both the vata body type, which is slight, and the kapha body type, which is heavy, the pitta body type is medium. The diet too should correspond accordingly. Dairy products are very helpful for such individuals and therefore large quantity of milk and its products must be consumed. On the other hand, sour or fermented products must be avoided as they tend to increase the dosha of the body type.

Thus, it can be observed that each individual belongs to a certain body type and corresponding to that there is a diet plan which he or she can follow for a healthy body and mind.