The 7 Most Amazing Health Benefits of Oil Pulling

Oil pulling is an ancient ayurvedic ritual which involves placing a tablespoon of extra virgin organic cold pressed oil into your mouth and swishing it around for a few minutes before spitting it out. The duration of swishing the oil can be anywhere between 5 to 20 minutes but in any case, the oil must not be swallowed in since there are many toxins present which must not be ingested.

After swishing the oil, one must brush their teeth using all-natural fluoride free toothpaste and rinsing the mouth properly.  There are many health and other benefits of this technique and some of them have been given as follows:

health benefits of oil pulling

1. Whitening of Teeth

One of the benefits of oil pulling is that it helps in the whitening of your teeth. Since oil possesses natural antiviral and antibacterial properties, it helps to brighten and totally clean the teeth.  In just a period of 2 weeks, you can get a whitened and much more appealing smile through this method.

2. Detoxification of the Body

Another benefit of oil pulling is that it helps to detoxify the body by removing toxins from their base point in the body. Most of the germs enter our systems through our bodies and can cause various health issues. Rather than treating these issues, it is better to stop the toxins from entering the body and thus detoxifying it.

3. Reduces Headaches

Oil pulling can also help you get rid of headaches. When toxins attack, we tend to experience migraines and severe headaches but by oil pulling, these toxins are removed and hence are the headaches.

4. Promotes Oral Hygiene

Another amazing benefit of oil pulling is that it helps to promote the overall oral hygiene as well. What it does is that it reduces tooth cavities and eradicates bad breadth.  It removes the bacteria in the mouth and also prevents many kinds of oral problems like gingivitis. Thus swishing oil in your mouth on a regular basis can lead to a much improved oral health.

5. Promotes Clear Skin

Another benefit of removing toxins from the mouth and hence from the body through oil pulling is clear skin. What happens is that when toxins are eliminated from your mouth, they do not enter the bloodstream and hence lead to a shiny and healthy skin. When toxins are reduced, many types of skin issues are eliminated including rashes and pimples among others.

6. Increases Energy Levels

When our body is put to work to eliminate toxins from the body, it loses out on a lot of energy but when oil pulling reduces the levels of toxins from our mouth, the energy levels are restored and increased.

7. Aids Hormonal Changes

Another benefit of oil pulling is that it aids the various hormonal changes that take place in our bodies. When hormones are not busy fighting off foreign substances, they can return back to their normal function and hence may perform as they are supposed to.