Learn about Pitta Dosha and its Treatment Through Ayurved Diet

What is Pitta Dosha?

Pitta Dosha is the factor that helps control metabolism and digestion, and also helps produce energy within the body that can be used for various metabolic activities. Pitta is basically that which controls digestive as well as the endocrine system, thereby playing a major role in hormonal shifts as much as in digestion related activities. The blend of fire and water, the elements of Pitta Dosha heavily affect the moods of the individual experiencing the same.

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It is basically the imbalance of pitta that generates anger, frustration and such negative emotions. Also, physical problems such as acid or gas formation and heartburns are often experienced after few hours of meal. Hence, it is important to treat the above symptoms to help a person lead a normal and hassle-less life. Ayurved treatment has been found to achieve highly appreciable results in treating the same.

Knowing more about Pitta

  • Pitta is sour and pungent-smelling substance and sharp and penetrating. It is hot by nature, and thus pitta imbalances need to be treated and stabilized with cooling agents.
  • The primary reason that causes Pitta Dosha is empty stomach and going without food for long hours.
  • Oil massage, fresh fruits and vegetables, healthy foods, are some of the requisites for treating pitta Dosha.
  • It is best for people with the pitta dosha to avoid alcohol, caffeine, nicotine etc.

Knowing the Role of Ayurved Diet in treating Pitta Dosha

Following a strict Ayurved diet has been found to produce amazing results in treating Pitta Dosha. Ayurved diet asks you to mainly follow a diet that helps control the imbalances caused due to the particular Dosha. It is hence important to follow them strictly so that you can keep your body cool and calm.

  • Pitta Dosha is pacified by sweet agents and thus it is best to have foods that contain respective flavor.
  • Less spicy food is the key to pitta Dosha moderation; very less amounts of cumin and coriander, cilantro, cardamom and such mild spices is generally recommended.
  • Coolness is another important factor in pitta Dosha balancing; hence, foods that retain coolness are generally preferred for being served to pitta Dosha people, such as steamed vegetables, beans, milk, rice, grains such as oats and barley, etc.
  • Fruits, except bananas, apricots and papayas, and most vegetables are highly recommended.
  • Brown rice, corn, rye should be strictly avoided.