Treating Your Allergies With Ayurveda

ayurveda2Ayurveda shows the relationship between living things and non-living things.

It is thought that the earth’s elements have a link to how a person feels.

Ayurveda comes from age-old Indian philosophy. Indians believe that Ayurveda medicine is the oldest system of healing.

Seasonal allergies relate to the earth’s changes. The relationship between seasonal allergies and the earth proposes that whatever the earth does your body will do.

If the earth is retaining too much water, then you will retain too much water that will cause congestion. This medicinal philosophy believes what is good for the earth is good for your body.

Allergies Symptoms in Ayureda

In the Ayureda belief system, toxins and your body’s low immunity are the culprits for many allergies.

Seasonal allergies usually occur during the springtime and in the first part of summer. When the earth’s plants and trees release pollen, you may feel like you want to sneeze. Your eyes may run with water.

Vata body types will often get a headache. They will have insomnia and may suffer from anxiety. For Pitta types, you may get a yellowish discharge from your nose, fever, your eyes may burn, and you will even get a skin rash.

Kapha types will suffer from whitish sputum. They may feel tired and have a sinus headache.

Pitta Therapy

Tea that is made of licorice, album, and cardamom will help to relieve your seasonal allergies. This tea is easy to make. All you have to do is use equal amounts of herbs plus four times the amount of water.

You will need to place the tea in a saucepan on your stove and cook until it boils. Let it boil for a few minutes. Take off stove and let cool slightly before you drink this tea.

Kapha Therapy

Treatment of seasonal allergies when you are a Kapha type is easy when you take a regimen of camphor, cloves and basil two times a day. You should use fifty milligrams of the camphor and cloves along with a gram of basil. This regimen needs to last for at least two months.

If you go to an Ayurvedic doctor, they will prescribe vomiting, using medication, to prevent your seasonal allergies from coming back. Brew a cup of tea made from cloves, camphor, and basil that you can drink for seasonal allergies.

You should drink this tea along with taking two pills of guduchi. If you are a Vata body type then you suffer most of all from seasonal allergies.

There are combinations of natural herbs that you will be able to take that will help you beat these allergies. You will need to start taking them before allergy season begins.

Water Therapy

For all body types, it is a good idea to do nasal cleansing using water [Nasal Irrigation]. If you do this on regular basis then it will help to purify your respiratory system. This nasal cleansing could help to prevent your allergies from reoccurring.

Ayurvedic treatments for allergies should help you to beat these seasonal occurrences.