What are the Turmeric Anti-Inflammatory Side Effects?

Turmeric is a plant which is used as a spice in a lot of dishes and curries. Turmeric has a very bitter yet warm taste and is mainly used for its color and flavor in many recipes.

This plant has many benefits as well and because of this, its root is used to make plenty of medicines and natural remedies to cure various medical conditions.

The other names for Turmeric are Halada, Haldi, Curcuma and Indian Saffron. It is known that Turmeric of Indian Saffron has many benefits such as treatment for arthritis, stomach aches, liver problems, cold, leprosy etc but do you know about Turmeric anti-inflammatory side effects? If not then you can find out about them by reading the following given information.

What are the Turmeric Anti-Inflammatory Side EffectsTurmeric generally does not result in any major side effects but it has been found that consuming turmeric can cause diarrhea, dizziness, headachesand stomach aches in a few people. Consuming turmeric while taking certain anti-clotting medications is contraindicated as there are reported issues such as Pradaxa bleeding and other dangerous side effects.

In fact there is a case of a person who experienced a very dangerous abnormal heart rhythm due to consumption of over 1500 mg of turmeric twice every day. Thus it is advised that high amount of turmeric must not be taken on a regular basis.

Some special precautions related to Turmeric:

  • Gallbladder problems: If you are someone who is suffering from a gallbladder related problem, then it is best for you not to use turmeric at all since turmeric can worsen gallbladder issues.
  • Surgery: Turmeric is found to slow the blood clotting process and thus it can result in excessive bleeding after a person undergoes some kind of a surgery. Due to this reason, one must stop taking turmeric at least 2 week before any kind of a scheduled surgery or operation.
  • Gastro esophageal Reflex Disease (GERD):  It is a common fact that turmeric can cause upsetting of stomach in some people and thus the people suffering from GERD must avoid the consumption of Haldi or Indian Saffron since it can worsen the symptoms and signs of this disease.

Pregnancy: It is considered unsafe for a pregnant women to take turmeric by mouth in medical quantities and thus if you are pregnant then you must immediately stop taking turmeric. Turmeric is found to promote a menstrual period and thus can be a risk to pregnancy. It also stimulates the uterus which is another reason why a pregnant lady must avoid turmeric.