Biofeedback Therapy Equipment Available For Personal Use

bio feed back therapy equipmentIt is true the Biofeedback therapy is not without its detractors and critics. It is a system that has been criticized for the fact that undisputed scientific research in the possible application of biofeedback is lacking.

Opponents also claim that applications of real biofeedback are limited, specific and generally well known and they can readily replaced by simple relaxation training, meditation, and self-hypnosis.

However the fact remains that is a system of diagnosis healing of specific disorders and illnesses that is found to be very effective by many. In the event those that want to, can implement this therapy with the following equipment:

For combating High Blood Pressure, a portable electronic device consisting of a monitor, belt and ear buds which will help you pace your breathing and thereby lower blood pressure is available. This, in conjunction with a healthy balanced diet and exercise is seen to control the problem.

Also available are specially designed computer adventures that combine ancient breathing and meditation with modern biofeedback technology for mind-body wellness.

Using thoughts, feelings, breath and awareness, this can be a tool for enhancing physical and mental health. This and other games/programs, just by monitoring your mind & body, make it possible to have a positive effect on your overall well being; giving you a layer of protection against the debilitating effects of stress, fatigue and illness.

A hand held device that displays your level of heart rhythm coherence can help you control personal and emotional stress and can help you shift into a coherent, high performance state. The device works on the principle of Biofeedback that coherence equals less stress.

A portable stress reliever uses the simple mechanism of counting for stress relief: to take your mind off of the stressful thoughts by focusing it on the counting. The device can activate your pacifying nerves in order to recuperate from the effects of the over stimulation.

Muscle monitors can help you ease problems like chronic headaches, neck and shoulder pain, whiplash, back pain, and for the purpose of muscle reeducation.

These muscle monitors aid in relaxation training of tense muscles, reeducation of injured muscles or even strengthening and training of the necessary muscles to improve incontinence. They can be tools for precisely measuring muscle activity and can provide different sensitivity ranges for muscle strengthening, rehabilitation, re-training and/or relaxation training.

Seeing that there is a high demand for people who want to rely on alternative rather than traditional therapy to improve health, these devices and others are available online here.