Chakra Colors And Total Well-Being

Color therapy utilizes different colors to address certain chakras located in your body.

As with many Eastern beliefs, you must possess all seven chakra colors perfectly balanced with each other in order for the body to function properly.

A depletion of any of the seven chakra colors would mean that there is a lack in the need of a particular chakra. This would signal that this particular chakra is blocked and as such, life energy is not able to flow smoothly.

Achieving Total Wellness with Chakra Colors

There are a number of different ways to energize the different chakra colors in order to ensure that life energy flows smoothly all over your body.

Here are just some of the methods used to utilize chakra color therapy to achieve a sense of total well-being:

Meditation: Meditation relaxes your mind and body. To re-energize the different chakra colors within you, meditation is done through the help of what is called colored breathing. Through this, the person concentrates on each of the different chakra colors while breathing.

By doing so, you take in through the air the life energy provided by each color and delivers it to each of the chakras in the body.

Home decoration: Another means of re-energizing your chakra colors to achieve harmony within the body is through the use of the different chakra colors throughout the house.

By doing so, you are able to subconsciously intake its properties and ensure that the energy of each of the chakras within your body remains at its optimum.

Clothing: This works just the same as that of the use of chakra colors in home decoration and provides the same effect. This is usually done when a particular chakra is needed to be revitalized more than the rest.