How to Use the Chakra Stones?

Traditional knowledge assumes the presence of different Chakras inside a human body which if functioning perfectly can make a person mentally and physically happy. But if the Chakras are blocked or functioning only partially then it will be difficult for you to remain hale and hearty.

This problem can be solved by making the Chakra function properly by using chakra stones of different colors. But how exactly do you use them? Read on to find out about that.

how to use the chakra stones

What are Chakra Stones?

They are basically different types of crystals of various colors that help in the healing process. The chakras in human bodies have specific colors, which change when they are not functioning to their full abilities.

It is generally believed that there are 7 main Chakras in the human body along with some other minor ones. Each of these chakras has different colors. These are as follows

  • Sole star Chakra – the color white
  • Crown Chakra – White and violet
  • Heart Chakra – Pink and green
  • Root or base Chakra- Black and red
  • Throat Chakra – Blue
  • Thymus Chakra – Pink and turquoise
  • Earth Star Chakra – Black or Brown

Based on these, each Chakra has one or two stones which help in their proper functioning.

However not always the dedicated color stone will help the specific Chakra it is meant to strengthen. At times a mixture of a few colors helps to solve the problem. If you use a stone which has two colors for two Chakras, it might help to rejuvenate both the Chakra.

Using Chakra Stones to Evade Negativity –

This technique has been used since long and is known as “laying on stones”. Crystals and gemstones are laid in contact with the receiver’s body and it cleanses and balances all the chakras, releasing out all the negativity and leads to emotional release. It heals all the aura bodies, free the life force energy and transforms the negativity into positivity and thus ensures good health.

The clear, dedicated and programmed stones follow the receiver’s body vibration and in perfect alignment to the universal grid and planet. This process is done by either clear quartz stones, gemstones or the combination of both.

Chakra Kit

A number of different colored crystals sold together are known as a chakra kit. The kit contains at least 7 different colored stones for each of the seven primary Chakras of your body. There can be other kits containing nine stones too. The assimilated set of crystals of different colors can be used to heal the body.  Many of the Chakra kits have detailed diagrams that you can follow while using them and you can also place them in your home which will lead to your personal growth too.

When following the diagram of placing Chakras on your body you need to relax and think about the positive outcome that you expect. The positive thoughts help the process of healing your body and mind. Experts say that while buying chakra kits, the most important step is to follow your own intuition. If you feel comfortable and soothing while holding the kit stones in your hand, that might be the first signal that they are just for you.