The Way That The 7 Main Chakras Influence Our Bodies

7 chakrasIf you are having a problem within your body, you may find that this is because one of your chakras is blocked. This can prevent the essential energy from flowing in a way that it needs to and your body will suffer for it.

The first root chakra is related to the physical body and is located near the base of the spine.

A sense of survival is connected to this chakra and it can influence the immune system, legs, bones, feet, and body support.

The second sacral chakra is related to issues of sexuality and emotion. This chakra, located in the lower abdomen, will affect the intestines, kidneys, appendix, sexual organs, and other lower, internal organs.

The solar plexus chakra will relate to vitality and affect the stomach, respiratory and nervous systems. Problems here may relate to the third chakra.

The heart chakra is related to love and physical problems, with this chakra will not only manifest themselves with the heart, but respiratory and circulatory systems.

Problems in the throat chakra will relate to self-expression. This can manifest in problems with the throat, tongue, vocal cords, teeth, and other specifics in this area.

The sixth, third-eye chakra relates to a person’s ability to imagine and intuit. Health issues in the brain, nervous system, eyes, nose, and face can all be drawn to this chakra.

Finally, the crown chakra is related to issues with self-awareness. Health problems with the skeletal or muscular systems or the skin may be dealt with by unblocking this chakra.