How to Use a Pendulum to Improve the Functioning of Chakras

Traditional knowledge tells that there are a number of chakras in your body. These chakras release energies that help you to maintain your physical well being. However, the balance of the chakras has immense importance and should be maintained for its proper working. There is a process of using a pendulum in order to gauze the functioning of the Chakras.

This is a specialized task and below given are few important facts to note on this matter that might help you in figuring out the process of using a pendulum to improve chakra functions –

use a pendulum to improve the functioning of chakras

Using Pendulum to Facilitate the Chakras

Each and everyone can use a pendulum. Generally, pendulum can be any mildly heavy object attached to a string. But you need to select the right pendulum and the proper way to use it. Here are some tips on the issue.

Select the Right Type

Firstly, start with a wooden pendulum which is preferably conical in shape. According to the experts, it is better not to use a metal or crystal pendulum if you are not an expert. Also you will need a lot of practice and patience in order to learn the use of the pendulum to perfection. A beechwood pendulum can be your perfect choice. The expert will tell you that using crystal pendulum could negatively affect you as crystal has the property to cut Chakras.

Keep Close

It is quite important to let the pendulum absorb your energy. Therefore after you have got the pendulum, keep it close to your body for a few days. Carry it in your dress, in pockets, and sleep with it near your body at night. In this process the pendulum will be able to soak energy from your body. Each person has their own unique energy, and therefore it is imperative for the pendulum to absorb such energy for best results.

Blessings are Needed

Blessing the pendulum before you use it is also vital for the pendulum to work well. The energy source is universal and by blessing the pendulum each time you are humbly acknowledging this fact. This is also beneficial for the ego, that is, it does not lead to inflation of human ego which can destroy the balance of the chakra and ruin the well being of humans. Ego is actually an obstacle in the path of healing, thus the less of it you have is better.

Test it Beforehand

Finally, before you start reading your Chakra make sure you have given it a test run to find out if everything is working properly or not. The way to do is would be to study the way the pendulum is swinging while you hang it on your hand and ask a question whose answer would be in the affirmative tone first. Then ask a question whose answer would be in the negative. Watch the difference in the way the pendulum sways.

These basic tips will help you to work the pendulum well. Practice this art and you will be able to master it.