Detoxify Your Body with Chinese Cupping Therapy

Suction cupping, also called as body vacuuming or fire cupping is a modified edition of the cupping therapy. It is one of the most extensively used Chinese medicine systems.

Chinese cupping therapy is the most beneficial method that gives relief from back pain, muscle spasms, and also arthritic and rheumatic conditions.

Suction CuppingIt stimulates your skin and the underlying muscles and encourages the discharge of toxins that are built up in some areas and also increases blood circulation and the lymph vessels to those areas.

This method also enhances the organ associated reflex zones in your skin to promote functioning of inner organs such as liver, stomach, intestines and kidneys.

It also enhances the immunity in particular region as the suction cupping causes release of histamines that stimulate your immune system response.

Detoxification with suction cupping:

To enhance the effectiveness of Chinese cupping therapy, other detoxification methods are used. Other methods combined with suction cupping can treat discomfort and pain more successfully.

There are some situations in which cupping can not be used, such as skin diseases, high fever, or if you bleed easily.

In suction cupping, a vacuum is generated in a suction cup by air placed flush against your skin for therapeutic effects.

When the air cools down in the suction cup, a vacuum generates that pulls up on your skin. The resulting low pressure inside the cup causes a restricted expansion of the tissue that generates a reflective vasodilatation reaction.

It is used to draw the blood flow to the areas of ischemic soreness. Suction cupping also mobilizes and extends the soft tissues by dragging it up and away from the underlying structure. This helps to loose the areas of restriction and activates muscle spindle impulses to relax contractile tissues.

This therapy is beneficial in treating the respiratory problems such as bronchitis, pneumonia, and common cold. Also, this therapy is used to treat neck, back, shoulder and other musculoskeletal pains.

Usually, suction cups are placed over diseased or injured regions of your body. They are retained and manipulated for 5-10 minutes.

You can find the cups that are mechanically evacuated by using tiny hand-operated pump. These are designed for treating a wide variety of disorders. Some small cups are applied to face for treating facial paralysis and large cups applied in the lumbar areas are used for treating lumbago.

Usually, cupping is applied to nodal sites, but during some times, it is also be used in non-nodal sites.

Suction cupping can be applied alone or along with acupuncture to enhance its effect. Lowering the ambient pressure can decrease the threshold for generating propriospinal reflexes by needle stimulation of muscle spindles.

Activating these reflexes can signal with the stimulus of propagated sensation. So, this Chinese cupping therapy can be effectively used with needling to induce propriospinal responses, which ensures muscle relaxation.