Chinese Treatment and Herbs help Treat Gout Problems Faster and Better

What is Gout?

Before learning the methods and Chinese techniques to treat gout problems, it is important to know what exactly is this problem called gout. It is a form of arthritis and finds manifestation in form of joint pains, especially at the big toe, and/or swelling and redness of ankles and heels, elbows, knees, wrists and fingers, and such other areas that form the centers of joint pain.

Herbs to Treat Gout Problems


Gout is mostly a hereditary disease, but can also be caused in the individual due to excess alcohol addiction or overdose of medicines such as aspirin, niacin containing drugs, etc. Men are generally more likely to have gout problems.

The primary reason, however, is the presence of uric acid in the body. Rising uric acid levels simply do not lead to gout, but once they start forming crystals in the body they would easily cause gout problems.

Treating Gout Problem with Chinese Treatment and Herbs

The Chinese method of treatment, better known as the Traditional Chinese Medicine [TCM] methodology, is an effective process to help eliminate gout problems. This method of treatment observes the pattern of problem experiences by the patient and thereby diagnoses and makes effort to treat the same. The pattern, once recognized, is dealt with specific Chinese treatment methods, herbal formulae, etc.

There are several different and distinct methods of treatment and specific herbs as well to treat each set of symptoms or patterns identified in the respective individual. Given below are some of the Chinese treatment methods and few details of the usage of herbs:

  • Depending on the pattern recognized, the TCM or the Chinese method of treatment employs different techniques, for the Heart Blood stagnation process, or the bladder damp heat method. Various others include the heart blood deficiency/stagnation, the Heart Yang collapse, or such problems of Kidney, Lung, Liver, Large intestine, Stomach, Phlegm or spleen.
  • The Chinese method of treatment employs acupressure and acupuncture techniques to treat Gout problems. The primary method involves identifying specific Acupuncture points and then centering treatments upon them. The points are particularly known as “meridians”, such as the Heart meridian, the bladder meridian, kidney meridian, Conception vessel meridian, pericardium meridian, etc.
  • The use of herbs or the herbal treatment – Gout Chi, the natural remedy method, is not just effective; it is also very sensitive, and hence suggested to be practiced only under expert guidance. Some of them (the herbal formulae) may even turn out to be toxic and should be carefully prepared and taken. The Chinese herbal formula, Si Miao Wan, for treatment of gout is highly specific to the symptoms of the patient.