How Cupping Influence The Flow Of Energy In The Body?

CuppingCupping refers to an ancient or traditional Chinese treatment (TCM).

In this treatment of cupping, the evacuated glass cups are placed on the bare skin.

The suction of air in the cups by creating a vacuum in the cups is believed to influence the flow of energy and blood in the body.

In old china, this method of cupping is done by animal horn; that’s why this is also referred as “horn method”. As the time changed, the horn is replaced by jars.

Enormous varieties of materials are used in preparing cupping jars, but two main jars are clinically proved, those are:

Bamboo jar: A branch of bamboo tree is cut down in the section of 3-7cm in diameter, 8-10cm in length forming a cylindrical shape or looks like a drum. One end is used as opening and the other end as bottom. Economical, light and easy to make as bamboo is found in many places.

Glass jar: Available online or at shops, since the glass is transparent the suction can be controlled and the physician has control over the treatment.

By creating negative pressure, suction cupping is used to: stimulate the peripheral nervous system, loosen adhesions and lift connective tissues, bring blood flow to stagnant shin and muscles and drain excess fluids and toxins.

How is cupping done?

Cupping is mainly divided into

Suction cupping – These cups are specially made, which have two openings one to place on the skin and the other opening to suck the air in the cup to create vacuum.

Fire cupping- These cups are normally made by glass and have only one opening. Fire is used to create vacuum in the cup. A burning alcohol cotton ball is placed inside the cup to create vacuum. When the oxygen in the cup is burned off, the cup is placed on the skin.

In both the cases the skin is raised to a visible level and the process is painless.

Moving cups is also done– In this case, the skin is coated by oil for the free movement of the cups.

Cupping And Acupuncture

Both are branches of traditional Chinese method (TCM), but now cupping is used as an alternative to acupuncture. Cupping also uses the same meridian points which are used for acupuncture.

But some meridian points are too small for cupping. In some cases, the cups are placed on the acupuncture needles to crave beneficiary results.

Cupping responds to many problems and cures them such as:

  • Disease caused due to dampness
  • Lumbago (lower back pain)
  • Sciatica (pain in sciatica nerve, this nerve runs from the spinal cord to the end of the toe)
  • Pain in arms and shoulders
  • Pain in legs and other muscular parts of the body
  • Stomach aches
  • Migraines
  • Sprains
  • Insomnia
  • Head acne
  • Lung diseases
  • Colds and isnophilia

Though it’s a simple process, it should be done under the supervision of an experienced physician. One should not attempt on themselves. Improper use of glass can cause an injury. Side effects are only limited to bruising and swelling.