Moxibustion Techniques to Reinforce Blood and Stimulate Energy Flow

Moxibustion is a form of fire heat treatment that stimulates certain acupuncture points. This technique uses the herb called mugwort. The main aim of moxibustion techniques is to strengthen the blood and stimulate the energy flow.

There are various types of moxibustion techniques such as:

MoxibustionDirect moxibustion: During this technique, a piece of cone shaped moxa is placed on the acupuncture point on your skin and is burned.

Nowadays, this technique is not recommended because it damages the skin resulting burn marks and blisters.

To avoid the skin damage, a medium is placed between the skin and moxa stick.

Indirect moxibustion: This is the most popular type of moxibustion and it has less risk of burning and pain. During this method, burning moxa stick is placed one inch above the acupuncture point.

It is better to place around the inserted needle to get mild warmth to the area without burning until the skin becomes slightly red.

Heat can be adjusted according to your condition and comfort level. This method is believed to bring a steady and restricted vasodilatation response. Not only indirect moxibustion increases the blood flow, but also it gives a deep relaxation response.

Needle Moxa Technique: In this method, a needle is inserted half an inch deeper into the muscle at the acupuncture points. Then moxa is rolled into balls and placed atop the needle.

Lit the moxa from the bottom and it continues burning by smoldering. Your skin becomes red from the warmth and heat is penetrated deeper into the body.

Moxibustion techniques are helpful in treating various diseases, such as:

Moxibustion for infertility: This method has the ability to soothe your menstrual cramps and regulates your periods. This can be achieved by stimulating the blood flow to your reproductive organs.

Also, this method improves the production of fertility hormones, ensuring to treat infertility.

Moxibustion for menstrual cramps: Heat from moxa can move any stagnant energy in your body, improve the circulation and give quick immune response by stimulating the energy lines of your body.

Wave the burning moxa stick 2 inches over your abdomen for 15-20 minutes to show best result.

Moxibustion for cold: This method is effective in treating the conditions due to excess cold or dampness in your body. Moxa stick is burned over energy line along your body to disperse the cold and improve your health.

Moxibustion for arthritis: Take a slice of ginger and make 10 small holes by piercing it with a needle. Place the ginger slice on the painful joints. Take a moxa stick and place it on the ginger slice and burn it.

Repeat the procedure with five moxa sticks on a single joint. Then repeat the procedure at another painful joint with a new ginger slice. With this procedure, the arthritis points are stimulated to treat painful areas.