The Benefits Of Using Asian/Chinese Ginseng

asian ginsengAlternative medicines can be found throughout the globe, originating from ancient remedies and rituals.

Very often China is the source of a lot of herbs widely used instead of manufactured drugs.

Asian ginseng, also known as Chinese ginseng attracts numerous claims over the benefits it can provide.

Much like a multi-vitamin, it is said to improve a person’s general well being especially those recovering from a long term illness.

The chemical part of the ginseng root is called ginsenosides and is the reason why it has strong healing properties. Manufacturers dry the plant’s root and it is subsequently made into tablets and capsules for internal use. Creams and various external preparations are also produced for sale.

As you can imagine anything which has so many beneficial claims made about it attracts a lot of research programs. Unfortunately, most of these have been relatively small and therefore science has not got much to say about ginseng as yet.

Scientists are prepared to agree that there are potential health benefits but it is left to the purveyors of alternative medicine to espouse its advantages.

Like most drugs, some side effects can be experienced and sufferers of diabetes should avoid its use because of the dangers of lowering blood sugar levels. Claims include the treatment of erectile dysfunction, hepatitis C and problems in menopause.

Hopefully further research in the future will result in a better understanding of this herb and its benefits will come into more mainstream use. Until then it is readily available from all good health stores.